Years of love to create; seconds of hate to destroy.


What having pride in your craft looks like.


What having pride in nothing looks like.

Whether the tools of Antifa and BLM are spray paint, rocks, power saws, or gas cans, do the practitioners of destruction in Portland, Seattle, Minneapolis, Philadelphia, and New York think they are morally superior to the people who made the things they destroy? We live in times that whipsaw between physically diseased, morally diseased, and simply evil. So it’s time to examine the morbidity that is killing many of America’s once-great cities. Continue reading

Seattle banishes “evil” legacy of Columbus Day; celebrates Indigenous Peoples Day

Christopher Columbus, favorite 15th Century villain of leftists everywhere.

Christopher Columbus, favorite 15th Century villain of leftists everywhere.

On September 28, the Seattle City Council embarrassed themselves by voting unanimously to search citizens’ garbage and fine them for food scrap violations. On October 6, they embarrassed the entire country.

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Seattle gives you three choices: Eat all your dinner, have a smelly compost bin, or pay a fine


Happy planet, happy composter, happy flies.

There’s a lot not to love about a compost bin: The smell. The fruit flies. The general ick factor. The Seattle City Council has a response to your concerns:  Get used to it or else. A little background: In 2009, Seattle passed an ordinance that said every resident, whether a single-family homeowner or apartment dweller, must practice mandatory composting or pay fines. The city delivered 13-gallon composting carts to every homeowner, and currently force them to pay a $5.15 a month pickup charge. They also offer a 96-gallon bin for $9.90/month. Continue reading

Seattle official wants to ban two words: citizens and brownbag; New York wants to ban 50, including poverty, dinosaurs, birthdays, and Halloween.



There are certain words that offend nearly everyone. I don’t have to recount them here. Download any hip-hop hit from iTunes and you’ll hear most of them in the first 30 seconds. Curiously, liberals across the country have little to say about this crudeing-down of America’s language. But they’re on a Political Correctness binge, working overtime to find words you might use in conversations with your 85-year old grandmother and make sure they never pass your lips again. In Seattle City Hall, there’s a wonk named Elliott Bronstein at the Office of Civil Rights who is seriously recommending that the city consider a new set of standards for use of “potentially offensive” language. Two of the new no-nos?  Citizen and brown bag. Continue reading