Minneapolis and St. Paul Democrat Mayors declare surprisingly correct response to potential riots


Minneapolis, June 1, 2020, after peaceful protest.


Brooklyn Center: 79 people arrested Tuesday night for offenses from inciting riot to unlawful assembly.
Minneapolis: Only two citations for curfew violations. No looting or burglary confirmed.
St. Paul: No arrests, citations or damage Tuesday night due to civil unrest or curfew.

The Thin Blue Line seems to be performing well.

Last May, during the George Floyd riots, which channeled the obscene fanaticism of the French Revolution, America’s large city mayors abandoned their most important duty, and passively let mobs vandalize, burn, and loot thousands of businesses, causing 19 deaths, an estimated one to two billion dollars in insured property losses, and even more in uninsured losses. Continue reading

Years of love to create; seconds of hate to destroy.


What having pride in your craft looks like.


What having pride in nothing looks like.

Whether the tools of Antifa and BLM are spray paint, rocks, power saws, or gas cans, do the practitioners of destruction in Portland, Seattle, Minneapolis, Philadelphia, and New York think they are morally superior to the people who made the things they destroy? We live in times that whipsaw between physically diseased, morally diseased, and simply evil. So it’s time to examine the morbidity that is killing many of America’s once-great cities. Continue reading