Free Ebook: With tools, templates, and techniques that help you beat Progressives at their own game.


Recently, a friend said, “Democrats fight like cage fighters. Republicans fight like we’re playing ping-pong. It’s time we decide to win.”

That’s the whole point of this  Ebook that I’m offering free this Saturday – Monday, October 16 – 18. If you have a problem with any government mandate, issue, or wannabe dictator, this guide gives you effective ways to fight back.

Just in case the link above doesn’t work, go to Amazon and search for Greg Karraker. Note: You don’t need a Kindle to read it. With the free Kindle App, you can read it any desktop, laptop, tablet, or smartphone.

You get specific instructions how to:

  • Collect and compile specific information on the issue you want to oppose or promote.
  • Visit a meeting of your school board, board of supervisors, city council, or special district, and make your complaint.
  • File a formal complaint with the appropriate body.
  • If the complaint fails, launch a ballot initiative or recall effort.
  • Organize a large group, if you can round up a lot of members.
  • Fund your campaign.
  • Communicate with your fellow citizens.
  • Tell your story to the media.

A great deal of these instructions include links to searchable databases templates you can use to generate public record requests, fundraising tools, and much more. And this is A Living Book, so it will be updated with new tools contributed by readers.

The book’s free from Saturday – Monday, October 16 – 18, because I want as many people to get it and use it as possible.  A review would be much appreciated.

But if you miss the free offer, it’s not the end of the world. At 12:01, Tuesday, October 19, the book goes back to its regular price of 99 cents.



Minneapolis and St. Paul Democrat Mayors declare surprisingly correct response to potential riots


Minneapolis, June 1, 2020, after peaceful protest.


Brooklyn Center: 79 people arrested Tuesday night for offenses from inciting riot to unlawful assembly.
Minneapolis: Only two citations for curfew violations. No looting or burglary confirmed.
St. Paul: No arrests, citations or damage Tuesday night due to civil unrest or curfew.

The Thin Blue Line seems to be performing well.

Last May, during the George Floyd riots, which channeled the obscene fanaticism of the French Revolution, America’s large city mayors abandoned their most important duty, and passively let mobs vandalize, burn, and loot thousands of businesses, causing 19 deaths, an estimated one to two billion dollars in insured property losses, and even more in uninsured losses. Continue reading

Indio, CA: Unofficial study reveals no systemic racism


Study detail: Area of focus.

The other day, I realized that Riverside County has moved into the Red Tier, so the bars and restaurants that have survived this 15-month lockdown can finally invite customers back inside. This was excellent news, since my wife and I have refused to hide under the bed through this pandemic. Instead, we have had patio dinners in 105 degree heat while being soaked by misters and blasted by fans. We’ve also sat in 56 degree chill while being toasted by propane-fueled umbrellas glowing red-hot. Continue reading

Years of love to create; seconds of hate to destroy.


What having pride in your craft looks like.


What having pride in nothing looks like.

Whether the tools of Antifa and BLM are spray paint, rocks, power saws, or gas cans, do the practitioners of destruction in Portland, Seattle, Minneapolis, Philadelphia, and New York think they are morally superior to the people who made the things they destroy? We live in times that whipsaw between physically diseased, morally diseased, and simply evil. So it’s time to examine the morbidity that is killing many of America’s once-great cities. Continue reading

Defund the police? Former Harvard Professor says it could cost thousands of black lives.


Dr, Roland G. Fryer.

At age 30, Harvard University Professor Roland G. Fryer was the youngest African-American professor to receive tenure from Harvard. Recently, the 43-year old economics professor has claimed that defunding the police could cause thousands of deaths. According to student newspaper called The College Fix, Professor Fryer recently published a working research paper called Policing the Police: The Impact of “Pattern-or-Practice” Investigations on Crime. It claims that widely publicized investigations of American police forces could cost thousands of black lives. His data-driven study compares Pattern or Practice investigations, which are used by federal and state governments to correct unconstitutional police activity, including excessive force and racial bias. The US Department of Justice says, “A Pattern or Practice means that the defendant has a policy of discriminating, even if the policy is not always followed.” Continue reading

Antifa wins first battle of Civil War II: Seattle Police let CHAZ secede from Union.


The CHAZ, in quieter days. Now better known as #ShitholHill.

Looting is so yesterday. When you smash a whole block of store windows and pick their inventory cleaner than buzzards stripping roadkill, you’re pretty much done, because the owners aren’t likely to restock the stores for you. So on Monday night June 8, a group of Antifa, BLM, and who-knows-what-else protestors executed a more sustainable plan. Just sieze the entire hood: Stores, houses, the streets themselves, and toss in a police station for good measure.  Barricade the streets. Declare yourself no longer part of America. Rename your new country Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone. (CHAZ). Create your own armed militia. Extort local businesses to fund your ad hoc police force. Then sit back and laugh while the Mayor says you’re just a big, innocent block party. Continue reading

Sonoma County Sheriff does the right thing for almost 72 hours, then rejoins herd of liberals.


Screen Shot 2020-06-02 at 5.40.45 PMYesterday, I published a post congratulating Sonoma County Sheriff Mark Essick for taking a principled stand, and refusing to arrest people who violated Sonoma County’s unclear and often arbitrary Bat Flu orders. The story: On Friday May 29, Essick issued a statement that said “I’m not following this f–king health order, and my original statement that we’re done on June 1 stands until Dr. Mase is able to provide me with enough information that we’re on the right path.”Here’s my original post, if you want to read it for background, or just for grins.

On June 1, just three days later, he completely reversed his position. Then, on June 2, he told KSRO Radio News Anchor Pat Kerrigan “Leadership demands compromise from all sides. I’m ready to move on. I’m ready to be in lockstep with our other leadership. So what the blank happened? Continue reading

Sonoma County Sheriff does the right thing; infuriates every elected Democrat in county.


SOCO BADGEI almost never have an opportunity to congratulate an elected official in far-left Sonoma County CA, but my hat is off to County Sheriff Mark Essick. When the Bat Flu, aka COVID-19, first hit Sonoma County, his office was tasked with citing anyone who was not wearing a mask or social distancing.

A section of the California Health and Safety Code gives police and deputies the authority to enforce public health orders with citations of up to $1,000 and six months in jail. But from a public health standpoint, it makes no sense to throw anyone not wearing a mask in jail. Especially since many people already in jail are being released to flatten the curve.

From the beginning, Essick took a reasonable approach to enforcement. Instead of arrests and citations, he instructed his deputies to talk sense to the maskless. In all, his office only issued nine citations since the county’s shelter in place order of March 18. Eight of them involved some other crime, from drug possession to checking car doors to find out if they were locked.

Compare that with the police in Santa Rosa, the county’s largest city. Santa Rosa police have received over 200 reports of businesses not following the county’s health order, but have cited only one:  Crossing The Jordan. It’s a chain of non-profit consignment stores that use sale proceeds to fund homeless shelters and job training programs. Their CEO, Michael Bryant, says they’ve implemented the recommended precautions, but Santa Rosa police have issued three of their stores eight misdemeanor citations. Each. The citations went to Bryant, who was arrested and released way too many times.

So much for the classic Sonoma County crap. Now back to Sheriff Essick. While other California counties are beginning a phased reopening, Dr. Sundari Mase, the county health officer, reacted to a recent increase in cases, hospitalizations and person-to-person transmission, and said she would pause any further reopening for another 14 days.

That was the last straw for Essick. On Thursday, May 28, he announced that as of June 1, his officers would no longer issue citations. All the usual liberals freaked out. US Representative Jared Huffman called a hurried Friday morning video conference that was attended by US representative Mike Thompson, State Senator Mark McGuire, County Supervisor Vice Chair Lynda Hopkins, Dr. Mase, and others. They put pressure on Essick to reverse his stand, and obviously thought they succeeded, because they were ready to announce that he was back under their thumb.

But at 5PM the same day, Essick made a statement that should earn him the total respect of every liberty-loving American: “I’m not following this f–king health order, and my original statement that we’re done on June 1 stands until Dr. Mase is able to provide me with enough information that we’re on the right path,” Essick said.

Adding to his statement, Essick said the county was “trading lives for lives at this point. All around me I see crushed families, crushed relationships, a crushed economy.” As proof of the county’s overreaction to the Bat Flu, Essick said only 2% of the 25,258 tests for COVID-19 resulted in positive diagnoses That’s a total of 322 active cases, including 10 people in the hospital, which hardly qualifies as an overload.

Essick also said he has felt “bullied” by local elected officials, and called out Rep. Jared Huffman, one of Sonoma County’s two congressmen, who set Friday morning’s meeting with Essick and lawmakers.

Almost immediately, the squawking started.  State Senator McGuire said. “Cooler heads must prevail. There’s too much at stake for ego.”  Cotati city council member Mark Landman said “If Sheriff Essick is personally uncomfortable with upholding the law, he could and likely should resign.” One day later, Landman hinted that a recall could be an option. Huffman went so far as to question Essick’s mental health, saying, “…I thought it would help to use my position to help bring people together,” Huffman said. “And the fact that the sheriff views that as bullying suggests he’s in a fragile and dark place right now and that causes me to worry.”

That’s a lot of flap from ultra-liberals about one law enforcement officer refusing to arrest innocent citizens for not following unclear and possibly unconstitutional orders.  As of this writing, none of these officials have made statements about the failure of police in Minneapolis, Philadelphia, Oakland,  Los Angeles, or New York to make arrests for a whole buffet of felonies, including arson, assault and battery, and grand larceny.

New York Mayor’s wife continues meteoric failure to the top.


shutterstock_242333686In 2014, I wrote that Chirlaine McCray, wife of newly elected New York Mayor Bill De Blasio, despite having received zero percent of the vote, began to exercise an outsized influence on New York City politics. Since then, her responsibilities, failures, and subsequent promotions have become increasingly larger. Her most recent promotion gives a person with no medical, or statistical background a significant role in bringing the city back to normal after being America’s hardest-hit city during the Bat Flu crisis.  Continue reading

Bat Flu Feature of Riverside County mobile app encourages Americans to fink out their neighbors

The Bat Flu Fink Feature

You’re just a few clicks away from snitching on your neighbors.

In a polarized America, what could divide us more even further? Unfortunately, Riverside County CA has created a fresh way.  In a press release dated April 10, they announced they have added a feature to their mobile app to report violations of COVID-19 related state and county public health orders.  They call it the COVID-19 Response. I call it the Bat Flu Fink Feature, or BF3. Continue reading