The Good Old Days, when San Francisco was only going to the dogs


Nice doggie, don’t bite Yorkie, I mean it now!

Before 2007, San Francisco was blissfully going to the dogs. Gavin Newsom,  arguably the worst mayor in the city’s history, was still trying to heal all the world’s injustices, from discrimination against same-sex couples to climate change, while cheerfully neglecting the problems immediately beneath his nose: a Muni without clocks, a pox of potholes, a horde of aggressive panhandlers, and the needle-strewn waste that Golden Gate Park was becoming.

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Art is in the wallet of the beholder.


Mrs. & Mrs. Sprinkle-Stephens

I was amused by a recent article in the San Francisco Chronicle stating that former porn star/current performance artist Annie Sprinkle and her wife, Elizabeth Stephens, Chair of the Art Department at UC Santa Cruz, conducted an event in San Francisco called the EcoSex Symposium. According to Stephens, she and Sprinkle have married the moon, the sky, the ocean, the Appalachian Mountains and the snow in a series of nudist-friendly weddings that demonstrate their new gender identity as Ecosexuals. In August, they travel to Gijon, Spain, where they plan to marry coal. Continue reading

Special on Tiger Salamander: $13,636/lb.


Most people are familiar with the concept of a snipe hunt, but few of us have ever actually rummaged about the weeds in a campground, armed with only a flashlight and a paper sack, attempting to nab one of the elusive little critters.

The California Tiger Salamander. Not exactly priceless, but close.

I’ll have mine rare.

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