Paterson, NJ flies PLO flag over City Hall

Paterson. NJ, aka Little Ramallah

Paterson. NJ, aka Little Ramallah

Asking if Palestine is a state is a lot like asking if hip-hop is music. The younger and more liberal you are, the more likely you are to answer yes. If you oppose random violence and indiscriminate attacks, you’ll probably say no. (About Palestine, not hip-hop.)

Between February and May 2013, an estimated 24 rockets and five mortars have been fired from the Palestine territories by militant Islamic groups, landing in civilian areas of Israel. In a recent UN action, 138 of 193 General Assembly members voted to give Palestine Non-Member Observer State status. But Palestine is not officially recognized anywhere as a real state. For this and other reasons, many Americans agree that Palestine does not deserve to be called a legitimate state.

Except in Paterson, NJ, that is. On May 19, 2013, only four days after Israeli Independence Day, Mayor Jeffery Jones read a proclamation that declared May 19 as Palestinian American Day in the city and honored the group’s heritage and contributions. (Far as I can tell, Palestine’s biggest contribution to the world is that their rockets are so badly made that they make the North Koreans look like actual rocket scientists.)

In front of a crowd of some 150 enthusiastic supporters, Riyad Mansour, the Palestinian ambassador to the United Nations, made a short speech thanking the city for its gesture. He also urged local Palestinians to be good citizens and to continue supporting the struggle in Palestine. He did not mention sending rocket bucks to the folks back home, but that probably went without saying.

They then proceeded to raise the Palestinian flag over City Hall. Actually, since Palestine is not a state, they made do with the wannabe flag of the Palestinian Liberation Organization. Why Paterson, of all places? Reportedly, it has the highest concentration of Palestinians in the US. To celebrate diversity, Paterson has a tradition of raising the flags of nearly a dozen different countries a year at City Hall.  It is difficult to find a list of the other countries, but it is almost 100% certain that none of them routinely lob rockets at Israeli citizens.

Just to add one more level of outrage, who would organize a celebration like this in the first place?  His name is Khader Abuassab. He has served on the Paterson Board of Education and has run for City Council. He did not succeed at the latter effort. He did succeed at becoming a felon.

In 2002, Abuassab pled guilty to having racked up more than $615,000 in credit card fraud. He used 40 different credit cards to duck the credit limits on individual cards, then filed for bankruptcy to erase the debts. Abuassab admitted he had not intended to pay for the things he charged.

In 2004, he was sentenced to 13 months in prison, with two additional years of supervised release.  In addition, a federal district court judge ordered Abuassab to pay $620,000 in restitution. It is not known what he originally used the money for, or if it has been paid back.But as a matter of public record, it is known is that after sentencing, Abuassab requested a delay of his date with the slammer so he could “travel to Mecca.” In one of the few sensible decisions made in the vicinity of Paterson, that request was denied.

New Jersey City Raises Palestinian Flag Over City Hall – HAMAS CITY USA; Got Amnesty?!

3 thoughts on “Paterson, NJ flies PLO flag over City Hall

  1. (By Mecca maybe he meant, like Toronto? Could have taken a Greyhound.)

    I am not sure what is going on here, but this story strikes me as odd.

    I am trying to picture someone hoisting a foreign flag of ANY stripe over my crappy little American city. I can’t see it flying here, despite the red Commie/mind control bent.

    Then again, they could hang a poster of Stalin and no one would notice 🙂

    • To celebrate their “diversity” Paterson, NJ hoists the flags of a dozen different countries a year at City Hall. They appear to have the decency to take the US flag down, instead of flying both on the same staff, which violates the Flag Code. But the PLO flag is a total insult. Where is your loony little town, Caroline?

      • Gee, count this as the longest delayed reply I’ve ever managed. I’m sorry! I just re-discovered this wordpress account and found your response. A fruitful delay, though.

        My looney town has matured into something so comically corrupt that it was one of six California cities singled out by the state auditor for scrutiny last year. Monrovia didn’t get the full audit, but merits a reality show. Where else does a realtor who chairs the Historic Preservation Commission double-end the sale of a beautiful half-acre property, give it half a day’s exposure on MLS, and let a builder/friend of the Realtor/mayor’s buy it for about $150K less than it was worth, with the intention of knocking it down? But golly. The Commission has to vote on that. And if it meant retroactively changing a demolition moratorium law so his application was timely? What’s the big deal?

        It’s Monrovia, once home of the late Upton Sinclair. He’d be rolling over in his grave if they hadn’t eminent domained it for a mini-mall. YES they’re calling it Uptown Sinclair. (They didn’t do either, but they would.)

        The crazy thing is that there’s so little dissent as they blatantly throw massive real estate projects at exactly two companies, and, I kid you not, those companies donate two or three thousand dollars to their re-elction campaigns in return. Because that’s all it costs to win a Monrovia election. And one of the outgoing mayor’s campaign blog posts is so Onion it made my eyes water.

        It was this one:
        “I did NOT try to give our foothills to the federal government” (she kinda did.)

        was accompanied by, on the same day,

        “Monrovia has NOT lost $4.5 million in grants” (except they did lose $2.7M and were awaiting the restoration of a $1.8M they had lost, at the time.)


        “Monrovia’s Water Has NOT Been Contaminated” (except she means it tested as potable, not that a city worker wasn’t routinely rinsing off sewage-pumping trucks above our groundwater field.)

        I see you just posted. That’s a coincidence. I look forward to reading it. I don’t mind Trump, or Sanders. I don’t know what either would accomplish in office, but at least I know what they want me to think they’ll do.


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